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First Walk

Awoke with pain in the belly, which has been quelled for a few months. Last time I had it bad enough to go to the hospital, it turned out to be passage of a gallstone. I don't have a gallbladder, but I still produce them. The gall duct is quite enlarged so I guess it makes sense that it substitutes nicely for a gallbladder. Go figure.

So, my first nagging thought was, "What will I do in Vermont, surrounded by others who want to get on with the day if I have a bad episode?" Then, one thought jumped to another. I am annoyed with myself that I am having this much anxiety. But, I am sure I will work it out. I had a cup of green tea with ginger and half a lemon, and later was able to have some toast.

Later, I asked my neighbor, Liz Valencia, (picture at right) and asked if she wanted to walk with me. She had a hip replacement last year and walked quite a bit afterwards. She gladly went with me. I recall that she had a nephew who died of Sarcoma a couple of years ago. But, we didn't talk about it, just noticed the flowers and plants along the sidewalk. We walked around the corner, down the street and back. I wanted to go further, but I have been warned to take it slow, a little more each day. Liz knows about the blog and gave me permission to use her name and image.

I wore the pedometer and it counted 1510 steps.

Later, I was surprised to have sacral pain, not leg pain as I had expected. No need to take meds. Just rested a while.

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