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Indians Fire Ventana Wilderness

I have recently been asked for an update on the new fires in my region. We have had a very dry spring. Little rain. That makes the bushes and grasses easily sparked by lightning.

As long as I stay inside and use my nebulizer, it doesn't bother my asthma much. I have a small air conditioner in the bedroom and I can hole up in there with my books, cats, computer, and TV if necessary.

They are calling it the Indians Fire. Not sure why they call it that. It's in the Ventana Wilderness area, which is at least 40 miles away. Even from that distance, the smoke spreads over the region including where I live. And this fire has been burning for a week. The picture above shows when the smoke was mostly over the ocean.

It's presently at about 10,000 acres.  It's more brush and grass than than trees, they say, and because it's in a more uninhabited area not easy to stop.

Locally, over a thousand have been evacuated. Though it is a smaller fire than the other one, it involves Redwood trees. I am saddened that there are fires at all, but also saddened that the trees are being burned.

So, to answer the question. I'm fine.

Still, to me, this is all nothing compared to the floods that seem to have taken over the middle of the country right now.

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