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James Deane for President

He's my Daddy

He comes home from work
wearing his grey striped
overalls covered with
Vanadium dust.

I think he is the
of the United States
I'm close.
He is the President
of his Union

"Carry me. Carry me."
I whine and beg.

He's so tall,
when he lifts me up,
I can feel the sky!
Well, not the sky, really,
but the ceiling is
almost the sky.

I can touch the place
where he fell through
one day, when he worked
fixing something in the attic
as I sat in my high chair
just a moment before.

They tell me I wasn’t there,
That it happened to my brother.
Perhaps I was there,
Waiting to be born.

Elizabeth Munroz


A mother's love is unrequited

when the years have gone by

and the nest is empty.

It's not true

that life goes on

without them.

Life, goes with them.

That's why they call it

an empty nest.

Elizabeth Munroz

Dedicated to my mother, and my kids, grand kids and great grand kids.