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Does He Ring Twice?

The postman does NOT ring twice! He smacks the window where the cat sits watching the world go by. Does he dislike cats? Does he just have nothing better to do to entertain himself as he walks from house to house?

My new kitten, Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) was in the window at the time. At least it was her brave little self instead of my nervous Bambi, or shy Spyder, or obese Ninja. They would have freaked out. Buffy simply jumped down. So far, she has not returned to the window ledge.

A friend was visiting at the time. We sat at the table with our coffee (tea for me) as I opened the package the post man had just delivered earlier. Is he tired of delivering the little treasures I keep winning on Ebay?

I was surprised and shocked at the sudden smack on the window. My friend, on the other hand, reacted quickly, jumping up and going out the door to give the postman a piece of his mind. That surprised me too. But, the postman is a fast walker and already two houses further down the street.

No, the post man does not ring twice. He smacks the window and scares the cat!

(Can you tell that I am miffed?)


  1. That's awful of him! But I think you're right, he probably doesn't like cats...sadly.

  2. What a thoughtless and selfish postman. We are shocked! Our postman here couldn't be more different ~ our hall window is by the door and we often sit there and watch the world go by. Our postman stps from his bust scedule and says a kind hello through the glass. So they are not all BAD ~ like your delivery guy.

    Trouble is, telling him off could lead to non-delivery of mail. :-(
    Maybe a polite word would be more condusive to kindness from him.

    Milo and Alfie xx

  3. An update on the postman. I called and spoke with the local post office manager. He was shocked too, and told me "in no uncertain terms may a postal employee be touching the personal property of a customer" (meaning our window). This weekend we trimmed all bushes and trees along the sidewalk so that there will be no excuse for the postal employee to walk closer to the window, which by the way, I have to bend and stretch to reach from the sidewalk. Can you tell I am still miffed?


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