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Begged to be Written

I couldn't sleep but three hours, too much on my mind; my heart heavy.

So, at six when the kitty brought me his mouse, I flung it across the room for him to chase. He'll slam himself into a wall to fetch it and return to me, panting, with the thing crammed in his mouth.

I picked up my book to while away the time hoping I would grow drowsy, but to no avail. Got up, made tea and toast, and a poem begged to be written.

My eyes sting but do not cry,

Another friend to face surgery again,

another bone tumor in the skull.

How much can the front 

of the face be cut away?

For years now, my friend,

phone calls across miles,

him joking all the time.

My insides churn,

My throat protests.

Why I took this on,

this helping others

with the same disease,

seems hollow to me now.

So hopeful was I

to imagine bringing others

down that familiar path,

one surgery after another.

Little did I know so many

would result in death

I ask myself why did I survive.


  1. Oh Elizabeth. It's so heartbreaking. It's why I don't visit the group very often ~ it's too painful. I send silent prayers and hope this surgery works well. Chondrosarcoma is a terrible thing.

    Jan xx
    Chondrosarcoma survivor
    (initially diagnosed in 1995).

  2. Because you are needed and you've been told to.

  3. A disease such as this on is awful. Your poem really does say it so well...you want to help but so many do still die.

  4. Thank you for your lovely poem. I love it. I've lost three friends from my cancer support group in the last four months and another has had serious difficulties.

    I was wondering if I may put a copy on my website under difficult emotions?


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