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Mystery Windows

My bathroom was created with windows high above the shower/tub as was usual in the day before bathroom ceiling exhaust fans were common. The idea was, turn on the shower, open the window, let the steam out.

Needless to say, this is a very convenient perch for my cats. Bambi, the bug watcher, especially likes this spot. It's fascinating to see her leap from the edge of the tub to this high window ledge. Sometimes she almost slips on the tiles which adjoin the edge of the window. She grabs at the screen to catch her balance. Therefore "cat claw holes" in the screen, and a great invitation for Bambi's favorite snacks to make their entrance!

Recently, I've noticed something odd. No matter how clean  the bathtub is scrubbed, by the next day, a sprinkling dirt has magically appeared. I thought maybe the cats were tracking it in, or it was falling off the bottom of their feet as they leaped up to the window. But, common sense tells me that indoor-only cats have little opportunity for little chunks of dirt to fall off their furry feet into the tub.

It was a mystery until today. I stood in the tub to close the window as there was a chill breeze coming through and I was about to draw water for my bath. When I did so, bits of dirt fell down. Then it occurred to me! The dirt was coming from years of accumulation in the ridge of the window ledge. Each time one of the cats leaped up there they were disturbing the "stuff"! It probably would never bother me much if my cats were outdoor cats, but my little pristine babies are white! Also, I just don't like the idea of them being exposed to that yucky stuff every day, not to mention my having to continually clean out the bath tub.

I grabbed the shower hose and began spraying the window. I really couldn't see exactly where to spray because I am barely tall enough to reach the window even to open or close it, and certainly not enough to look into the channel in which the windows slide back and forth.

I was so surprised how much dirt, dust and dried bug parts came floating down the wall tiles in the stream of water, even a living spider!!! good thing I'm not afraid of spiders. Can you picture the water spraying all over the bathroom as I run out screaming?

I continued to aim the spray until the drain got plugged. Uh oh! I hadn't thought of that! Once I got the drain unplugged I attacked the window again. More dirt!!! More plugged drain! Cold wet feet! Water dribbling down my arms to my elbows into the ends of my sleeves and ending up in my armpits. Ugh! But, I didn't quit until the water ran clear!

Housekeeping hint: When cleaning windows, check the windows along the ledges!!!

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Twilight is not a book

“For years I never knew whether the twilight was the ending of the day or the beginning of the night.

And then suddenly one day I understood that this did not matter at all.

For time is but a circle and there can be no beginning and no ending.

And this is how I came to know that birth and death are one. And it is neither the coming or going that is of consequence.

What is of consequence is the beauty that one gathers in this interlude called life”  ~~~ W.O. Abbott