Make yourself at home. Put your feet up. Grab your favorite beverage and prepare to enjoy the reads.




I have 17 shelves of books. Five bookcases in the living room, two in the spare bedroom, the five foot space beneath the aquarium and an ever-changing small stack of to-be-reads on the headboard of my bed. Many of my books are not kept upright because there is no room. So, they are stacked in the shelves on their sides. One could say I'm "overbooked".

Oops, almost forgot! I have old magazines I can't part with stacked in the living room and bathroom. Doesn't everybody? What will I do without them?

I think even if I partake of no other reading material than that which I already have, I wouldn't finish them all before it is time for me to leave this planet. Too bad I can't take them with me?

I recently read an article written by Robyn Devine, (Minimalist Knitter), entitled Breaking The Sentimental Attachment To Books. Since I was right in the middle of culling books, it really substantiated my commitment to let go.

Though I have to admit that, I am not willing enough to just toss them all immediately. Step by step, book by book they will leave my house and give me a LOT of free space. My friends will be shocked, but I also think thrilled, to accept my cast offs.

I love books, don't get me wrong. Ever since I climbed on my father's lap insisting he read me the newspaper simply because he was doing it without me, I have loved reading. Yes, after hearing Daddy read the editorial, even though I didn't understand; it was all up hill after that.

I can't even imagine how many books I have read since then, and I look forward to reading many more, but one at a time. There are few books I will cling to for sentimental reasons. I probably wont be keeping many reference books, either. Much of what I research can be found on the internet. Clearing my house of books is part of my plan to become minimalist.

I also have another reason to say goodbye to my books, and that is, allergies to house dust and mold, which are quite impossible to prevent where my books are concerned.

Yes, yes, I have cats, but one must choose one's poison, they say. I am quite sure I will never be a purist, but my intent is driven, and I am often thinking of other ways to divest myself of "Stuff".

But, first... the books!