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Quoting Grandma

I was born at the house on the corner
across the street from the store....
during a blizzard.

  I think... 

behind our house 
was Papa's blacksmith shop
in Breeseport, New York.
I don't recall names of crossroads. 
A road going up thataway...
Uncle Clark and Aunt Maude lived there,
They were Brewers, not Bordens.

Carrie and Alvie Staples,
My sister and her husband,
don't know where they lived when I was born.
Carrie said that people gossiped 

that I was really her kid
because she was so young when wed.
Later, i lived in Erin NY
There was a house that belonged to some side of family. 
We always lived near family
but didn't always get along. 
When I was...
way little,
two or three years old..
always scared of Gypsies 
...a grove down the road
Gypsies camped out there

My brother came running around the house 
shouting, "the Azberman! the Azberman! HIDE!!!
the bad guys are out there!"

Note: don't know who took the picture of my Grandpa and Uncle at his blacksmith shop or the pic of the kids, my cousins (my grandpa's niece and nephew). Put them in there as I didn't have a pic of my mother and her brother together. But, wanted the pic to represent them anyways. This is how they would have looked and dressed for that time period