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Not Enough Cats

Not enough cats
only three

saw one at the shelter
A calico,
but not the one.
Will I ever find the right one again?
These three are alright.
I love them.
They probably don't love me.

Not like she did
No soul connection
No deep knowing
They don't love me, yet.

Depend on for food, maybe.
Enjoy petting and play.
And the birdseed I scatter over the yard for birds
Hate being kept inside.
Don't have pristine litter boxes
I wish I dared let them outside.
But, after what happened...

These three fill my life with there antics,
their growls and spats
vying for the top shelf of the kitty condo.
purrs and rubs on the legs and sleeping on same
And wild eyed, you will not pick me up looks
crawling under the blanket to lie by my side
sleeping in the closet, the garage, the head of my bed
waking up with one on my chest
How did that happen?
Why didn't I wake?

Lot's of fur.
Fur all over the house.
On the carpet,
in the corners,
on the curtains where they pass through to look outside
in the dryer vent,
in the closet.
on my clothes,
up my nose

Would I have it any other way?
No, not in a million years.

Elizabeth Munroz
January 2010