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A Letter to My Muse

Dear Muse

They say you are fickle

and when you call upon me

I must be prepared.

I don't wish

to appear ungrateful.

But, dear Muse

why do you have to inspire me

on the freeway when traffic

is thick and I can't pull over?

I don't mind

if you come to me

while I'm on hold.

But, I might not

get through to them again.

And is it really fair

to give me two subjects at once?

How can I write about

that dark tragic day

at the same time you want me

to write about the fun

when Gertrude changed

her name to Anastasia?

Do you really have

to nudge me the moment

when the doctor

walks in the room

after I've waited an hour?

It's perfectly acceptable

if you wake me

in the middle of the night.

I 'll have pen and paper at hand.

I can reach the light.

But you know

I'll have to pee.


  1. LOL! I think the muse likes to makes us crazy!

  2. She makes us crazy for sure, and she tells me she is "testing" me!

  3. That gosh darn muse - kinda kept to herself on my vacation, won't shut up now that I'm back at work with my to-do lists again!!

  4. I think the muse left you alone while you were on vacation because you successfully distracted her with food. ;-)


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