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Spinning carousel returns the same old horse again
Ramble on and on,
the thoughts that fill my head
Sometimes I wake up
there's nothing there but emptiness
so I search myself for what there was to do

Flashing backward still
I think about my youthful dreams
Honest childhood, running dry of years
Sometimes I look back
it doesn't seem that it was me
So who was I then, who am I today?

Can you hear me now?

My thoughts are moving fast
can't seem to catch them in the draft
Floating upward like a kite that's left my grip
Flying higher toward the sky, so blue
I crane my neck
And try to follow as it drifts off into space...
lyrics © by Amy Obenski

Carousel was part of an episode on "Grey's Anatomy" in season four.


Note: published by permission from Amy Obenski


  1. Don't you love how you "find" songs along that way that just fit? That just make you catch your breath? Grey's has been very good at finding a number of those songs!

  2. Your poem is a good description of much of our lives these days. That "kite" seems to have truly gone beyond our grip these days.

  3. I hope Amy's songs receive more discovery. They are so meaningful and she has a lovely voice.


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