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Take Some Books Off My Hands

To be, or not to be: that is the question: whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the selling of books or take the easy way out of discarding them...

Of course there is the option of taking them to a bookstore that gives a pittance in trade-in value. Trade a hundred books for one thick volume of poetry? Is it worth my time to advertise on half.com, amazon or hope for some anxious buyers to vy for the right to bid a high price for my precious books, the books that have set on my shelves for so long waiting to be read? I'm sorry books! Really I am. But my commitment to making room in my life for emptiness is strong.

Wine boxes line one wall of my garage, loaded with various treasures. (I mean, junk.) This weekend I emptied 5 of them into a large bin, brought them in the house, nicely arranged 75 books inside and loaded them into the trunk of my car.

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  1. My sister-in-law has some success at selling books on amazon.com.

  2. I find it amazingly hard to get rid of books. However now and then I take some to a charity shop, in the hope they can raise money for a good cause.

    These days I tend to borrow books from the library, and only purchase a book occasionally (if it is really special).

    I'm a booky though # last time we moved house I had ten packing cases FULL of my books. Boy, did the removal men curse! LOL!

    Jan x

  3. I don't dare to use the library. I have a very bad habit, and I have never cured myself. I never return them on time, sometimes for months and end up owing enough money to buy the ones I borrowed. I stay away from libraries. I suppose that is why I have so many books!


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