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Reverse Psychology

Don't look...
You might see.
Don't listen...
You might hear.
Don't think...
You might learn.
Don't make a decision...
You might be wrong.
Don't walk...
You might stumble.
Don't run...
You might fall.
Don't laugh...
You might cry.
Don't live...
You might die.

This statement was engraved on a brass plaque I found in a gift shop years ago. I hung it in the bathroom so it could be contemplated.  I enjoyed having it because it's total negativity is so unavoidably obvious and the reverse psychology of the statement worked for me.

It represents the imprisonment we put ourselves in when we choose the cautious life. It's where we all manage to get stuck sometimes; that holding pattern of stagnation from which we need a jolt. And this was the jolt I needed to get me out of my complacency at the time.


  1. It's the fear that drives so many in our country...but it comes from people putting us in boxes that confine with statements like, "You could never do that!," or "I don't know why you even try!"

    Sad, isn't it? That those around us have to gain control by shooting others hopes down.

  2. Yes, I think we get indoctrinated at a young age and spend our adulthood either learning how to find our true selves again, or just going on believing what is familiar and not risky.

  3. Ah, you know how to color outside the box Elizabeth! I've shared this post on my FB page and send you a tweet. Now you're not on Twitter are you? You might want to join since there's a tweet sent @ElizabethMunroz ;-)

    As for reversal of the plate you found, I often do the same, whatever the oracle is or comes from.
    You make me smile.

  4. Hi Judith, Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I hope your facebook friends will enjoy the post. Glad I could make you smile! I'm on twitter @moonrose


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