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Can't Take My Eyes off You

I won tickets to the concert 

creating art, representing 

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

Remember them?

Younger Sis went with me.

The crowd was screaming wild.

In the quiet of the last song,

I watched as Sis went down front

while he sang 

"Can't Take My Eyes off You"

I watched as he sang directly to her...

I watched as he bent down to her...

I watched as she reached up to him...

I watched as they kissed...



First photo was taken of my sister during that time period in our lives, and color enhanced by me to match the memories.
Second photo is a very close simulation of the winning art piece I turned in to WKBW radio station in Buffalo, NY. 


  1. The first song that went screaming through my brain when I read Frankie Valli was Sherry! Hard to believe the fans are still screaming for them!

  2. I think the fans are screaming now about Jersey Boys, the movie about them. Frankie Valli was born in 1934. I wonder if he still performs???

  3. I am singing that song now ... LOL!

    The artwork is wonderful.


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