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Bed Partners

He snores beside me
that butterball I love,
waking me from dead sleep.

My black cat, Ninja,
with big claws
and buck tooth yawn,

I jiggle him.
He looks at me
those golden eyes.

Annoyed, he rolls
on his side
and begins to snore


  1. How dare you wake him in the middle of His Majesty's Royal Sleep? LOL...
    LOVE the photo!!!

  2. Adrienne, Exactly his sentiments, I'm sure! I find it challenging to get a decent picture of Ninja.

  3. This picture of Ninja is pretty good. It is difficult to photograph a black cat or dog. I like the poem!

  4. Thank you, Linda. I agree. Ninja has also decided that anytime I have the camera in my hands is time for him to close his eyes, look away or give me the tail.


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