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Summer Swim Party

In college, my professor invited us all to his house for a barbecue, and swim. Our families were invited, too. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves laughing about how Seymour's dog would eat fallen avocados from the tree. No wonder he was so fat and glossy!

Marissa, let out a scream and, stunned, I watched as she dove into the deep end of the pool where her toddler was quickly sinking to the bottom. We'd never heard a sound out of the child, no splashing, no crying out.

Call it Mother's Instinct that Marissa had looked up just at that moment. But call it Mother's Death Defying Heroism that she leaped into the pool and saved her drowning son.

As Marissa resurfaced wild eyed, with little Brian held high in her arms she choked "I can't swim!"

Fortunately, two others had jumped into the pool right behind her and were able to rescue them both.

I am reminded of this harrowing incident in my life by a drowning that occurred yesterday by the local news that seven people were rescued yesterday. Sadly one of them died.

Most of us probably think that when someone is drowning, they spend some time thrashing about in the water calling for help. But, as it was with little Brian, he quietly sunk. Simple as that. People don't always appear to be drowning when they are drowning.

As for Marissa and Brian? She had seen him just in time. The few seconds he was under the water was sufficient for him to have a bit of coughing and crying once out of the pool. No CPR was necessary. Just the same, we took them to the emergency room to make sure he was okay. Thankfully, he was.


  1. Glad to hear that mother and son survived. Do you ever hear from Marissa?

  2. Oh, my that must have been frightening! I cannot imagine how fearful she must have been.

    Lake Michigan had a lot of rip currents around the light houses along the lake shore and there were warning to stay out of the water. Each year we loose at least one swimmer that way. We all need to be careful, and extremely vigilant when dealing with where ever we swim.

  3. I'm sure thankful for that mom!

    By the way, I did make a comment yesterday...but apparently Blogger saw fit to destroy it...darn.

  4. Yes! She was amazing! Super Mom! We were all shocked she didn't know how to swim, and her dive was perfect and deep and she came up like an expert. Incredible.

    I forget who asked yesterday, but no, I haven't seen Marissa in years. We've totally lost contact.

    And yes, blogger for some reason didn't post your comment after approval

  5. It was me who asked if you had heard from Marissa. I've lost contact with so many friends from my past. It's sad but inevitable.

  6. I had a moment like that. There's nothing but focus between you and your baby. I pray it doesn't happen again.

    Elizabeth, thanks for visiting my blog! And for contributing to our progressive story. Today I've posted what we've got so far, and I hope it will build even more. Come see!

  7. Thank goodness your friend's child was saved. It's frightening how quickly and unexpectedly a tragedy can occur.
    How sad that a life was lost in the recent tragedy.


  8. Ciss, It looks like your comment came through now.


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