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If You Could See Me Now

Perhaps there is nothing supernatural about death.
Perhaps there is.

Some believe that when it is over, it is over. The body dies, there is nobody home.

Some believe that the soul or spirit of a person leaves the body and moves on to another place. Heaven, or the next life, or some ghostly realm or into the ether as molecules, or ???

Obviously, we don't have all the answers. For me, it comes down to personal choice of what I want to believe, regardless of what someone else tells me that I should believe based on their interpretations.

Found a website some time ago where a woman wrote a letter or poem to her sister. It is a Christian oriented site and it is beautifully done. The song accompanying it is, "If You Could See Me Now" by Kim Noblett, and the lyrics are the first part of the web page. The second part has a letter written to the caregiver of the woman who died (I think).

I like the part that says:

"Speak often to me, for I am just a whisper away and I will hear and answer you."


Dedicated to three beloved people who passed away last month, and their bereaved families.


  1. I remember the Kim Noblett song well ~ it brought me great comfort after my father died of cancer. it helped me to think he was tall and strong again, instead of crippled by cancer.

    I too choose to believe what I want to believe ~ regardless of what others say.


  2. I am a practicing Episcopalian...but when it comes to life after death I am not sure what I believe, mainly because I almost bled to death after the having my second child (Courtesy of a bleeding disorder I inherited).

    All I remember of the experience was feeling so peaceful, and because of that I'm not afraid of death anymore either.

    As to believing in an afterlife, well I just am no longer concerned about it.

  3. Ciss, I had a very similar experience, twice. The second time was eleven years to the exact date. I, too am not afraid of death, and trust that it will lead to where ever it is meant to.

  4. Elizabeth,
    Check out my blog - I passed on an award to you that I truly think you deserve! You do so much on your blog from poetry to stories and I wanted you to know I consider you a blogger of excellence!
    Chris B

  5. I was raised in the Lutheran church and taught that when you die you either go to Heaven or Hell...I have to say that with all of the experiences I have had, I don't believe that anymore.


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