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Birthing Life

Sixty five years ago
in the darkness
I became aware
of a soft tangerine light
an increasing warmth
seeping around me
becoming hot, oppressive, 
squeezing like a vice grip
I wanted escape,
only to discover
I could not move.  
and a constant hammering,
vibrating which seemed
somehow reassuring.
Suddenly I was free.
The world was filled
with bright light
I was born.


Note: Picture is my own digital artwork


  1. If I understand your poem correctly, it was your 65th birthday yesterday? I hope you had a nice birthday (if I am correct in my assumption).

  2. Yes, Linda, it was my 65th birthday. Thank you for the good wishes. I definitely got spoiled with a new camera!

  3. Beautiful poem, and I also wish you a Happy Birthday as well!

  4. Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it was fabulous. 65 is a wonderful age. I'm always glad to hear when someone celebrates ~ so many who have had cancer never make it. So 65 is joyeous!

    Love jan x

  5. Thank you, Jan. Yes, there is much to be grateful for!


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