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Across the Room

Many times 
I've looked across 
the crowd
you were there,
eyes anticipating,
I want to be held
supported by you,
caressed, kissed, 
and cherished by you.
But we are not free.

Some part of me 
wants to fall in love
madly, romantically smitten,
you are in my mind
with that quirky grin.
Your eyes light up
when you talk to me
I want you to take me in your arms.
the intensity of our warmth 
illuminates the room.
everyone nearby basks in it
without knowing the source.

I play with my fantasy
never tell you what's on my mind.
Reality doesn't hurt so much,
knowing we can't be together.
I'm happy for now, 
walking with you
on garden pathways, 
arm in arm
in my thoughts.
And so I pretend 
you love me as we sit 
holding hands 
across a table
in a dimly lit restaurant,
candlelight dancing in our hearts.
Like the couple on the dance floor,
music guides our movements
and my body responds to yours...
It's not like we really know each other.
Having talked occasionally, 
laughing together

I wish that you 
think of me, too:
and fantasize.
I may not live up to your dreams 
nor you to mine.
The sound of your voice 
triggers an energy that excites me,
Then I remember the dream, 
so sensual, so alive!
Were you dreaming it too?
Oh, but it was good!

© Elizabeth Munroz

1 comment:

  1. Dreams like this, of love are gifts in themselves! Lovely poem.


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