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For the Wonder of a Tree

She stands
With breezes teasing
Long leaves dripping after rain
Named Willow,
an old and venerable one
verdant in the summer sun
She survives

Spending winter naked
Withdrawing into herself
to her roots
She hibernated
And slept while cold death
Bit at her branches
Yet she lives

By some miracle
She awoke
At the appointed time
The mystery
Known only to her
and her mother, Nature

She revels in this season
Shading all who pass by
Bending to the winds
In a private dance
The two repeat together
She’s a feast for the eyes
Against the turquoise skies

Yet she weeps

by Elizabeth Munroz


  1. What a lovely poem. I have a blogging friend who likes, among other things, trees. I'll have to recommend this post to him. Your photographs of the willow tree are nice too, especially the last one.

  2. Linda, Thank you! I hope your friend might leave a comment so I could go see his blog. I should specify in my posts which pictures are mine and which are from the web. Since I don't live in Willow country, I had to borrow. I have loved willows since I was a babe, and miss them very much. There's something magical about them for me.

  3. thanks linda.
    i am sitting in tucson airport waiting to fly.
    cool photo too. i have big willows in my back yard.
    nikonsniper steve

  4. great poem elizabeth. love your photo too. linda at keystonestatephotgraper told me about your site.
    nikonsniper steve

  5. You're right, Linda it is a lovely poem and the pictures do it real justice too. Elizabeth, I especially love That "she survives." So many trees cannot say that, but the willow seems to always come back - beautifully!

  6. I live in a neighborhood that has a lot of willow trees they are beautiful. There is one in our next door neighbors yard that is huge, it's branches hang over the back part of my yard and provide a nice little shady spot. Maybe I'll post some pictures.

  7. Pumpkin: Looking forward to your willow pix!

  8. I walked around our neighborhood this evening and our willow trees still are pretty bare, but they do have leaves coming on them...I'll post one when I can.


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