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Eastern Clouds

Chirping cherry blossoms
rickshaw carts
busily waltzing
crowded streets
exploring alleyways

Dappled daylight
sun dances across
mountain crests

Waters lapping bay
caressing boats
sailing smoothly on their way.

Cornflower sky
clouds scudding gaily.

Seagulls squawk
dive amongst themselves
raising screeches
to chirping cherry blossoms

~~~Elizabeth Munroz

Inspired by “Dharma” from the music of Bruce Mitchell on the album, "Hidden Pathways"

Note: Photos taken by author


  1. Pretty blossoms; the poem goes well with that picture and the one of the gulls. Nicely done!

  2. Thank you, Linda. I love having your encouragement!

  3. The pictures developed in the poem are very vivid. I especially love the tie in between the blossoms and the gulls.



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