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21 Surefire Instructions to Becoming a Successful Author!

1. Make the decision to become a Successful writer Author. Think positive!

2. Decide to make that wish come true. Yes, you can do it!

3. Give yourself a month or two to publish your first novel. Mark the date on a calendar to encourage your goal. Be sure to feed the cat to avoid interruptions.

4. Writing by hand is imperative for ultimate brain-hand coordination. Do not use the computer, except for instructions below. Petting cat whenever necessary is important to prevent conflict and keep peace of mind.

5. Go to a high end stationary store. Buy a blank book with quality paper, best if it has a leather cover. Don't let cat chew on leather.

6. Carefully select about a dozen pens, all different. You never know what kind of mood your hand will be in to manipulate said pens. Expensive are usually better. Buy laser pen light for cat while you're at it.

7. Choose a desk or table to write upon. If you don't already have the right one, shop for one. Antique stores often have the kind of desk like famous authors use. Be sure it is big enough for the cat to stretch out.

8. Find the right location to place the table or desk, allowing plenty of light, or buy a good lamp to go with the table. Get flea treatment for cat.

9. Make sure you have a comfortable chair. Remove cat from chair.  Purchase a basket to place nearby so cat wont bother your creative energies.

10. Line up pens, open blank book, and prepare to begin. Prevent cat from disturbing pens by covering them with an upside down baking pan. Encourage cat to lie down in cat basket.

11. Adjust curtains or lamp for optimal lighting. Allow enough room for cat to warm itself in window or beneath lamp.

12. Prepare beverage and snacks. Keep yourself nourished. Keep some cat treats nearby for the cat or give tidbits from your sandwich.

13. Return all phone calls to avoid interference with writing. Give cat hairball medicine regularly to prevent stains on your pages.

14. Check emails and reply so they wont be on your mind. Give catnip to cat.

15. Go to Amazon and order books on writing. "How to write a novel in six weeks" is a good one. Use cat basket to store cat toys.

16. Sign up for online courses on writing. Throw mousies for cat to play with. If arm gets tired, use laser pen light to keep cat occupied.

17. Join various writing groups and sign up for their newsletters. If you run out of cat food, go buy more. A hungry cat can be quite insistent and interfere with concentration!

18. Make sure to get enough rest so your mind is fresh. Allow cat to lie down with you for cat's comfort and warmth. Do not disturb cat if lying on your legs, chest or neck.

19. Create a blog and facebook fan page to keep everyone informed of your progress. Upload all the cute pictures you have taken of the cat.

20. Repeat all instructions until task is completed.

21. If unable to become a successful writer author within 10 years or so, accept your lot in life, and understand it is through no fault of your own. The blame goes to the cat!


  1. I giggled my way through this!! Very well done! I have to admit though - dogs are a similar distraction (my two are!)...though probably not as persistent as a cat! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the laugh! I agree that cats, by their infectious world-view, tend to encourage making all perfect before beginning (what heartless people call "procrastination").

    Here is a good story about stray cats: http://gomilpitas.com/humor/127.htm

  3. I thought this was going to be a serious list of instructions to become an author. I almost didn't read the instructions! I'm glad that I did ... I laughed several times. Great pictures of the cats too!

  4. Ciss, Hmmm.... you must have some similar good advice for dog owning writers. Huh? Might be fun to do, especially with all those taking doggie for walks adventures to get in the way.

    Linda, oh, break my heart! Not read it? I could never write a serious list of instructions to become an author. The ones I read are often nearly as inane. "use notebook, get good flowing pen" I'm so glad you laughed, and enjoyed the pictures. Thanks! The calico is no longer with me, but I enjoyed finding her pictures that fit the "story".

  5. Just fabulous Elizabeth and you are so terribly clever. You are a creative genius, but then we knew that
    Nothing I can add only suggest you insert WRITE somewhere. It is a revolting thought but have always found that to be necessary :- )
    Easter Blessings+

  6. Izn't that your kitty whose no longer with you? Beautiful pictures, and very funny writer tips.

  7. You silly nut!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Well almost all of it ... all except for the "writing in long-hand part."

    Do you actually do that?

    When I write in long-hand, my brain freezes because my fingers can't go fast enough and my letters look like Greek letters (it's all Greek to me). But when I use a computer, there is such a connection between my mind and my fingers that I can zig! And I can zag! And I can zing! And I can zang!

    Oh, BTW, my daughter told me about a great writer's book as well. I think it's On Writing by Stephen King. I'm sure about the author part, not on the title part.



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