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Shark Boy

Once there was a little boy who watched the movie, "Jaws".  The next summer, his Mommy and Daddy took him to the beach by the ocean. The little boy loved the beach. He collected rocks and seashells. He chased seagulls. Mommy said he could have one if he could catch one. When he got tired of chasing seagulls. He dug in the in the sand, and before you knew it, he was making incredible sand castles. He was very good at it! Others walking along would stop and stare. "Wow!" The boy was very happy.

Then, Daddy rented a small boat. You know? Those yellow ones that you blow up with air. Some people call them life rafts. It was big enough for all three of them. When Daddy put the boat on the shore Mom led the little boy to the boat.

The little boy took one look at the yellow blown up boat, and started to back up. Mom could feel him tugging her hand fiercely. She did not understand. By that time Daddy came and picked him up to carry him to the boat. The little boy screamed and kicked his feet so hard that Daddy had to put him down on the sand. The little boy ran as fast as he could as far away as he could to be away from the boat and the shore.

When Mommy caught up to him, he was sitting on their beach blanket under their beach umbrella. "Don't you want to go for a boat ride?"


"Why not?"

"It's too scarey!"

"But, the water is very smooth and peaceful"

By this time Daddy had pulled the boat to where they were sitting. "What's the matter son?"

The little boy pointed out to sea and said in his biggest voice:


Years later when the little boy was a big boy he and his friends all went to a park with a big pond where everyone enjoyed swimming. The big boy had already learned to swim. He knew there were no sharks in a swimming pool. But, when his friends all began to go into the big pond, he began to feel the same way he did years ago. Even though he knew there probably weren't any sharks in the pond, and he was sure there
weren't any, he had to face his fears. If he told his friends they might laugh at him. So, he very carefully got into the pond and had a wonderful time with his friends, especially when he was peacefully floating and he could feel the little fish swimming around him.

Now, that's not the end of the story, yet.

Years later when the boy had become a man, another little boy watched the movie, "Jaws". This little boy liked the movie so much that he wanted to watch it again and again. Good thing his Mommy and Daddy could buy the DVD.

This little boy collected shark toys, and shark books and drew pictures of sharks. When his Mommy and Daddy took him to the beach he stood on the shore gazing out to sea.

"Are there any sharks out there?"

"No, but they will migrate in a few months. Then they will be out there."

"Then, can we to go out in a boat and see them?"

Tomorrow is the little boy's birthday and the first Mommy is his Grandmother. She made a blog for him with all shark pictures. You can see them here

This is all a true story

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