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Raindrops running down the windowpane

hurrying through pathways

to the thirsty earth.
Green lushness awaiting to grow.
Little grubs
and crawly things
swim to save their insignificant lives.
Who is to say the angels don’t guard them?
When the raindrops stop,
it’s time to breathe and relax again,
and to rebuild burroughs
washed away.

Poem and photos by Elizabeth Munroz


  1. Cute poem. That picture of the caterpillar gave chills...I am allergic to them.
    I have a new blog address...was having some problems with privacy and my ex husbands ex girlfriend who can't keep her nose out of my business. Anyway the new link is attached and I shut the other blog down.

  2. Pumpkin, that particular type of caterpillar is an "untouchable" as it does make people react. The plain black ones that are crawling around everywhere here and coming in under the garage door, my cats are eating! Obviously, those ones are harmless.

  3. The one I picked up was brown, soft and fuzzy. I was in kindergarten and all I remember is having the hairs from the caterpillar stuck inside my skin a few hours after I touched it. No matter what I did to try to get them out they wouldn't come out...all they did was spread and the next day I was head to toe hives. There were two other kids that played with it too and they didn't break out at all. I've met only one other person that was allergic to caterpillars...now when I see a caterpillar, it doesn't matter if it's fuzzy or not I walk the opposite direction.

  4. I just did a google search. There are tons of caterpillars that can cause allergic reactions!

  5. I am not surprised...so I just don't get near them.

    I used to love playing with snails. My brothers and I would find them in my grandma's back yard and put them in the doll house or somewhere where we could watch them.

    Hope your having a good day.


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