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Getting Ready to Write - Poem

Got Ink?

Testing writing instruments

demanding, desiring penmanship
thirsting for new ink.

Will it last long enough
to finish what I’m saying?

Any pen,
it will function.

Examine each one
for every clue.

Dried ones go
keep the evernew

Elizabeth Munroz


  1. I've got lots of ink...I have an addiction to Gel pens LOL! I use them to make my cards.

  2. Pumpkin... Hope none of your pens go dry!;-)

  3. Elizabeth...I just stocked up last month and I know where I can buy them now, I get panicked when they get low...LOL!

  4. This is a very nice poem.

  5. I'm loving that mug. It's a way of holding your beloved Keli/Jeli/Beli every day.

  6. I have two of those mugs. Thinking of getting a whole set. Now if I can just find a way to get bowls and plates!


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