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The Chrismouse Meme

The Chrismouse Meme

My friend, Jan, has challenged me to do a Chrismouse Meme. This is what she says, and I am following through.

"The Twelve days of Christmas have been celebrated since medieval times ~ traditionally beginning the day after Christmas Day (now known as Boxing Day) and ending with Twelfth Night.  And since the festive season is upon us ~ I thought it might be fun to do a Christmas meme!"  So without more ado:


  1. Copy the delightful Chrismouse picture to your post.

  2. Copy these rules and the explanation of the meme (above).

  3. Link the person who tagged you.

  4. List 12 things: either about Christmas present or memories about Christmas past (or a mixture of both)

  5. Tag as many or as few people as you like!

I tag: brian and Aaron and Adrienne (But I’ll understand if any of you feel Bah Humbug, or haven’t got time to waste,  or just simply can’t  be bothered! OK?) 

I wish more of my friends had blogs, but it seems they all prefer Facebook instead.

  1. I'm presently in the Bah Humbug stage, and have been for a few years! So, I apologize ahead of time for my "Blue Christmas" meme.

  2. I still send presents to family, usually books. We all love to read.

  3. Two years ago I gave all my Christmas decorations to my housekeeper, who has 5 children.

  4. I avoid going to stores from Thanksgiving until New Years. Don't like the crowds or the noise or music.

  5. I don't purposely listen to Christmas songs, and turn it off if they are being played on radio or TV.

  6. Okay, well, sometimes I will spend a day listening to Christmas songs, and singing along. The spirit has to strike me.

  7. Last year, I didn't send out Christmas cards, and gave away the large collection I had.

  8. I do send out Christmas e-cards. I think they are very nice ones from Jacquie Lawson's site.

  9. I have friends and a couple family members who are, for lack of a better word, Pagan, and practice Solstice rituals. I found them enjoyable for a while. But, they do them outside and my bones ache. I like summer Solstice better. My birthday.

  10. The year I decided to stop putting up Christmas trees is the year I won a tree and 200 dollars worth of Hallmark ornaments.

  11. One year, I was single with my six year old daughter. We were so poor, someone donated an artificial tree to us. We decorated it with the jewels from the Burger King paper crowns that they gave away that year. My daughter tells me now, some 35 years later, it was the best Christmas ever, though there were no toys.

  12. My son would circle everything in the catalog. I want this. I want that. then be so disappointed that we didn't get everything. He was older then, and had learned the truth about Santa a year or so before this. I made a deal with him. I would give him the full amount of money that we would normally spend on Christmas if he waited until New Years to spend it. He was wary at first. But, then so happy and excited that he could get double the toys after everything was on sale. This lasted until he grew up and left home, then one more year. I still give him a stocking with little boy toys. He seems to like that. My daughter likes socks in her stocking.

Photo Friday - Patterned View

Something I saw in the hardware store.

Florist shop warehouse ceiling. 

Pleated lamp shade while light is on.


Odd plastic lampshade from inside looking toward center