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Eternal Change

Inner pain, outer pain,
it all exists for the benefit of change,

Thoughts are only shells of ideas,
hopes are soft feather-down 
from angel's wings.
and rain is the tears
from every heart ever bled.

Death embraces all things
in one final ecstatic love.

Fear gives rise 
to the quest for answers,
and truth sheds light 
throughout the shadows of shame.

Laughing dolphins have more intellect
than stars shining from the darkness.
Yet darkness holds the key to deepest joy.

Whispering trees haunt the living forests
while fallen leaves dance on rock faces 
just to tease the sky.

And little children without legs 
are forced to watch their fathers murder.

Hearts break for all the wrong reasons.

Nothing can be grasped with closed fingers.

Swirling coldness dries up the ground before putting it to sleep.

Remember... Eternity is just a breath away.