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Santa's Footprint

Halloween isn't here yet, but of course, everywhere you look you see Christmas for sale.

To the tune of Oh Tannenbaum:

Oh, Christmas lights, Oh Christmas lights
How brightly shine your kilowatts!

I bet the electric company smiles
when they see those miles and miles

Of Christmas lights, those Christmas lights
I wonder what it cost to light you.

This song was created when my son and I were driving through a particularly well lit and gaudy neighborhood. It was just mind boggling to think of what the electric bill would be for each home.

Now I know some folks just GOT to decorate! So, here's a way to do it without being judged by everyone for "wasting energy", a way to do it that will save you a ton of money. You like money, don't you?

Let the Holidays Shine with LED Lights! from Terri Bennett on Vimeo.