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Overheated Lemon

Dont EVER buy a Toshiba laptop s6916.

I bought one brand new just last week.

It's so hot on the touch pad (touchpad) that, after just an hour of use my fingers were burning. Even my palms turned red. I got a thermometer, the kind you stick in your mouth and laid it against the underneath of touchpad. It registered 100.3 degrees farenheit.

Took it back, they gave me another.

The second one was hot too even though, this time I used a cooling pad beneath it. Then it totally crashed in 5 hours. I got a pixelated white screen. Really don't want to keep a lemon that crashes on the first day. So I took it back, too.

I know that with laptops they make things so they can squeeze as much as possible into as small a space as possible, so it will do the most work and run the fastest and all that. But, does anybody ever test their completed product with real people? A geek that has five computers spread out on the desk with all the right accessories is not the best person to test out a new laptop. I'm a retired housewife. (Does anybody use that word anymore?) I run an online support group. I can be on the computer many hours a day.

If I cannot sit at my computer and type away, or click away without pain, then Toshiba didn't do a very good job of having their s6916 laptop tested.

I'm really sad about it. My previous laptop is a Toshiba. I've had it since 2004, and I loved it. But, I needed something faster now, with more power, and more storage and all that. So, of course, I wanted another Toshiba, but what a disappointment!

I googled Toshiba s6916 and learned that others had the same problem with the heat as I did. There were links to Toshiba site where people had written in about it but when I clicked those links another page came up instead of the one with the quotes that showed up on Google. Even tried the Google cache page but Toshiba page took right over. Guess they don't like for people to say they have a problem with their product.

They ought to just do a recall, and be honest about it.

If I see something public like that, perhaps I would reconsider getting a Toshiba product again in the future. But right now, I would not want to get stuck with a lemon like that again. Thank heavens I was able to return the second one, and get another brand entirely.