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To Cayuga Creek and Niagara River

Once, there was a dream, never-ending,
flowing greatly within my heart’s happiness.

Capturing the last remnants of summers' heat,
the multi-hued pages of flame,
drifted lightly in the hands of the wind.

I ran alongside the swift stream bed
wondrously chasing the buoyant colors.

And my heart could fly
when it reached land’s end.

No barriers to my joy
I followed the merry journey onward,
through the singing waters.

Until the river opened wide
quickly rushing beneath that grand island bridge.

Leaves excitedly danced,
and took little leaps through the rapids
until they jumped off the crest of the waterfall
to be carried,
once again, by the wind.

Elizabeth Munroz


  1. Thank you!
    As a child living on Cayuga Island I never dreamed things would change. I'm happy to remember those fuzzy days mixed in with my childhood dreams of flying


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