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Bunny Dreams

Does the caged white rabbit dream?

With his pink eyes closed
and REM sleep overtaking him,

Does he travel to distant lands
where, in a past life,
he rambled freely, the green meadow?

In his two-by-four wired cubicle
he cuddles himself with nothing
and waits.
Will the rain ever stop?

Or, was the sunlight only a dream?
He dozes.

The big woman arrives,
places fresh greens through the slot.


all torn from the earth, screaming,
rinsed of their soil
by a spray nozzle hose,
to be fed, alive, to the voracious rodent.

Sleeping bunny,
wriggling nose, sensitive to the pungeant herbs

Bunny thoughtfully chews
his breakfast of weeds,
lop-eared gaze intent and distant,
remembering the dreams.

Elizabeth Munroz
Friday, May 25, 1990


  1. This poem is poignant and sad. I am so against animals in cages ~ unless they are in a huge "cage" that mimicks their natural habitat. Also rabbits like company ~ they are group animals, so solitary confinement would be miserable.
    Yu've captured the sadness of the bunny well.

  2. I felt so sorry for this poor bunny, but there was nothing I could do. Or, so I thought at the time. I didn't know you could take them to rescue shelters. There's another bunny story later to come.


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