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My TV Weather Photo

We had so much smoke in the air from the fires! Polluted air makes for stunning sunsets! Most of the time, sunsets are fog.

This is exchange of emails with the local weather man:

July 13
Hi Norm,
Just love the way you present the weather. I always learn something! I've wanted to send you a picture for a long time, but none of them turned out good enough to send. But, I think I got a good one tonight. I live in Watsonville just a couple blocks from Pajaro River and 129. I took this picture from my front yard. My last name is pronounced "moon rose". I hope you will show my sunset.
Best to you,
Elizabeth Munroz

His response, July 29

I plan to use your sunset picture tomorrow (Wednesday) on KCBA FOX 35 news first at ten and on KION 46 news at eleven at the end of the weather segment. I know it has been a few weeks, but thanks for being patient.

I hope you can watch.

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