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Cats Vs. Coyotes

Today there was a news article telling about how coyotes have encroached upon a colony of feral cats that live on the property of California State University Long Beach. The coyotes attack and feed upon these untamed cats. Seven cat carcasses have been found in the area

Since they have child care programs and summer camps, they worry children could be vulnerable to coyote attacks, the officials at the University say "the 100 or so felines must go within 40 days because they have triggered an increase in coyote sightings and incidents". They have decided to capture and turn the cats over to shelters. If they are too wild, based upon the standards of the shelters, the cats will be euthanized.

Over years, volunteers have been caring for the cats by feeding them, having them spayed, neutered and vaccinated.

Some people don't like this pland and say that the University should trap the coyotes and not the cats.

In my opinion it is a dilemma, and I wonder if the coyotes have invaded this area because of the fires that have destroyed their own territories in the recent past.

I wonder what the possibility would be to humanely trap the coyotes and move them to a more wilderness area where they could adapt.

And then, go ahead and trap the cats, letting those who are the most tame be adopted by families who would take care of them, thereby decreasing the population of the feral colony of cats on the University premises.

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What do you think about this?

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