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Summit Fire Containment

The Fire is completely contained. They are now spreading seed.

Jim Sienkiewicz, Photographer - From his website
Hopefully, it will grow enough brush that next winter when the big rains come, there will be minimal mud slides.


Summit Fire Containment

Capitola, California after the rain
The fire is 70 percent contained. It helped that we had some rain and lower temperatures.

So things are pretty much back to normal now.

It seems no matter what part of the country/world we live in there is some kind of natural phenomena occurring that we all need to deal with.

I don't like the fires and mudslides where I live, or the earthquakes, though I have never had to deal with a Big One.

But, I wouldn't trade for the sub zero winter weather I experienced when I lived in New York state, and the tornadoes of Indiana.


Summit Fire Update

I thought by going up to San Francisco, I would escape from the worst of the smoke. But, when I came home, I discovered it was still bad enough that I had trouble breathing.

How would you like to have this hanging over your head?
I had to call my lung doctor and have him order a nebulizer for me. First time I've ever had to use one. I've always managed with my hand held inhalers. But, things are improving.

At least it is not as hot as it was. The temperature has dropped and we are having a little bit of rain, so this makes it easier on the firefighters. Hopefully they can get the fire contained!

I hate to see the forest decimated like this. In the winter and spring when we get heavy rains there is nothing to prevent mudslides when the trees and brush are gone.

I'm home now with windows closed and air filters on. It's tolerable. Wind is blowing in other direction and has slowed down quite a bit.


Running Away from Fire

The part of California where I live has patches of redwood forest encroached upon by civilization. The fire started in a rural area about 7 miles from where I live. Even though I am in a city (and surrounded by strawberry fields), I am well protected from it spreading to my area or home.

On highway 129 heading east outside of Watsonville.
Smoke is coming from Corralitos

Strong southerly winds drove the smoke and ash directly into town, and further. I haven't had an asthma attack in at least a year and I didn't want to wait around to see what would happen. Since my son and his wife live in San Francisco, it made sense to go stay up there. I put my cat in her travel cage and the two of us went together.

Conveniently, I had a medical appointment today at UCSF. So, I used a tank of gas to complete two tasks at $4.15 a gallon!

The fire has moved further up the mountain since the wind has turned north, and I think it's safe to go home and sleep in my own bed tomorrow. The weatherman says it looks like we will be having rain this weekend.

The picture above, I took with my cell phone as I drove out of town. Notice the size of the trees in the middle line and you can get an idea of the size of the cloud of smoke. The hills are in the background, where the fire has now moved up into.

I Miss My Mom

A Mother's Love

A mother's love!
What can compare with it!
Of all things on earth,
it comes nearest to divine love in heaven.

A mother's love means a life's devotion -
and sometimes a life's sacrifice -
with but one thought, one hope and one feeling,
that her children will grow up healthy and strong,
free from evil habits and able to provide for themselves.

Her sole wish is that they may do their part like men and women,
avoid dangers and pitfalls,
and when dark hours come,
trust in Providence to give them strength,
patience and courage to bear up bravely.

Happy is the mother when her heart's wish is answered,
and happy are sons and daughters
when they can feel that they have contributed
to her noble purpose,
and in some measure,
repaid her unceasing,
unwavering love and devotion.

- Anonymous