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Life gives us Lemons

I love lemon in my tea. Adding a squeeze of lemon juice to black tea has the effect of clearing the liquid; it transforms it from a dark, nearly-opaque brown to a transparent deep red-orange in a matter of seconds. The reaction makes the tea lose not just the brown color but also the astringency, so strong black tea can be made more drinkable this way - especially with the addition of a little sugar to take the edge off the flavor. Lemon tea made this way remains tasty at any temperature, and many recipes for iced tea call for the addition of lemon. Incidentally, orange juice is also acid enough to remove most of black tea's astringency, as well as sweetening it; it sounds weird, but it's actually pretty good.

I have a lemon tree growing in my front yard, that produces the most delicious lemons. These are a special breed of lemons called Meyer lemons. The Meyer Lemon is a favorite of cooks because is a bit sweeter than the other kinds of lemons. It's skin is not so thick or rough as other lemons. It is easy to grow. I have a miniature tree. It has lots of blooms on it and produces fruit twice a year. I am very lucky that it handles cold weather well. Last two years we have had very cold, and sometimes freezing nights. And the tree did well. I have lots of Lemons on it right now, and some are as big as a naval orange!

Lemons are so good for us, and are used in many ways.

One of most people's favorite way to ingest lemons is through homemade lemonade.

These babies have been given their first taste of lemon.

You may see more lemonade recipes through the following links:

Lemonade Recipes

Blue Lemonade
This will catch people's eyes. It's bright and fun, and made with blueberries.

Brazilian Lemonade Recipe

Milk gives this lemonade an unusual and creamy touch.

Classic Lemonade Recipe
Lemons, sugar and water. A very simple lemonade recipe, and yet so refreshing.

Ginger Lemonade Recipe

Fresh ginger gives traditional lemonade a new flavour.

Green Apple Lemonade
A very tart apple lemonade, with only a hint of sugar.

Honey Limeade
A refreshing blend of sweet and tart.

Lavender Lemonade
If you like the floral taste of lavender, then this herbal lemonade recipe is for you.

Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

The mild flavour of the watermelon blends nicely with the tart lemon juice.

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