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A world without music would be half a world...

Listening to Ed Kihm play his 12 string guitar brings tears to my eyes and softens the hurting places in my heart. He has magic fingers that dance in unison with the strings. Or are the strings dancing for him because they come alive at his touch? That's it! He is a Music Magician! How else can I explain my appreciation? If I were his neighbor I would be eavesdropping on his practice sessions!

This Spanish classical piece was written by Isaac Albéniz i Pascua (1860-1909). It's name is Leyenda (Legend) and was originally created for piano. But, the way Ed Kihm plays it on his guitar, I can't help but think Albeniz would approve.

My laptop has lousy sound, so I use my ear phones. Listening to it in the piano form, I find that turning the volume up high gives an incredible visceral physiological effect, that any "raver" would enjoy. For me, Listening to the piano rendition produces the equivalent of a "Vulcan Mind Meld". You can download a free midi file and listen to the piano version of Leyenda here





"A world without music would be half a world."
Elizabeth Munroz

Photograph is a location in Pacific Grove, California


  1. I've heard that piece many times and it is hypnotizing on the guitar, and I agree with you about music...it is truly the language at the heart of our world

  2. It's amazing how fast someone's fingers can move! Thx 4 linking to the piano piece to downloaded. Guitar Guy was good, but I liked the piano version better.
    Macho Man

  3. I so agree! That's a fantastic youtube clip ~ such virtuosity. I'm in awe. I too love classical spanish guitar and piano, and am moved by music.

  4. A world without music would be no world at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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