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Not Taking a Walk

Too many breakthrough seizures this morning. Probably more likely due to the lack of appropriate sleep, not the new walking program. If this continues throughout the day, I will need to call the Neurologist and ask if I need to up my dose of Lamictal.

Have been on the phone most of the day, one call was with the office of a researcher who had requested to communicate with me. But, it is Friday. His Assistant didn't say he was away, just he would call me back next week. I asked her to send me one of his research papers, which she did. I printed it out and have taken it with me to read later. I will stay overnight tonight in Sunnyvale where I have met up with my brother, Roger .

I had hoped to get there before him and take my walk while waiting for him to show up, as he drove up here from Phoenix, however it turned out that he was ahead of schedule and I was late. We had dinner out, then back to the hotel, where I am now. It will be a very early wake up as I will be hanging out with him.

I won't boo-hoo about not walking today. Getting control of the breakthrough seizure activity was more important.

So, no walk. Zero steps today.

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