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An update on the recent scans I had:

The Mammo radiologist called me Monday and asked me to come in for another Ultrasound. This time done personally by another radiologist, (not the technician). This time he was able to image the left nodule and clearly was able to determine that is is simply a "cyst". 


The one on the right is clearly not a cyst, and is questionable, needing further follow up. Though there is a remote possibility it could be scar tissue from the removal of a previous benign nodule a few years ago, there is enough question about it that the recommendation is to go to UCSF and have the MRI done as apparently it can be a more refined image and clarify the question. Then, if necessary, I will have a biopsy. 


To Sleep or Not to Sleep

I awakened exhausted. Couldn't get to sleep last night.

Well meaning folks say to me, "just go to bed at an early hour, and lay there, you will fall asleep."


Been there, done that, and still lay there awake.

Of course I have learned to keep my room as dark as possible. Even have some cardboards over the windows beneath the curtains. Good thing the bedroom window doesn't face anything but my backyard! Have a black cloth over the glow of the clock radio.

The bed has padding over the mattress, the sheets are the soft kind for arthritic patients. I have an electric mattress pad to keep me warm and cozy. If I didn't have these, I would toss and turn all night in pain.

So, when I went to bed last night it was late, admittedly past midnight. But, no matter how comfy, I am wakeful. So, I read until my eyes were blurry. In fact I fell asleep holding the book. But, a short time later woke back up and had to start all over again.

Finally, sleep.

So, sometime in the darkness, the phone rings.  I don't care who it is. I am not answering the phone. So, I let it ring until the answer machine takes over and the person leaves a message. It is someone from Tennesee calling about 7AM, I think. Maybe 6? What is the time difference? 2 hours? I had left a message for her on Friday afternoon. I will call her back later.

I am tired enough that I fall back asleep right away. Next thing I know, Keli is bothering me to get up and turn on the faucet for her. So, I do. I have to pee anyways. It is 10:20 Back to bed and asleep, I dream the cellphone is in my left hand and it is vibrating as though someone is calling me. I think it is nice that is only vibrates and doesn't jar me with the loud sounds. Then, a few minutes before 11, Kats calls me on the cell phone. Was I dreaming the phone was vibrating? Or was it doing its second or two of vibration before it rings? We talk a moment. He realizes I am groggy and tells me to go back to sleep. I do. I am so tired.

Keli comes and wakes me up at ten minutes after noon! I am not a happy camper. I HATE to do this to myself. I made a vow to myself some years ago that I would never let myself sleep so pass noon. It screws me up until I am sleeping the opposite of the rest of the world. It has happened enough throughout my life, that I had come to the realization that no matter how tired I am I must at least get up by ten. I do this most of the time. I am not mad at myself for sleeping so long. I must have needed the rest. But, I will need to set some alarms, so that I will get up. Or respect Keli's wake up call and get up then!

So, as usual, I make my cup of tea to see if my stomach will handle having anything in it, and take my morning dose of pills. I head for the computer, which is unplugged. Last night it had problems shutting down. It was working overtime. Every time I tried to shut it off, I got a message that Windows was still working on a program and I needed to close it before I could shut down. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. When I did control alt delete it didn't show anything in that menu. So, I pulled the plug on it, and hoped for the best. But, turning it on this morning, it behaved itself and everything came up properly.

So, I drink my Orange Pekoe, with lemon and sweet and low, and really enjoy the flavor. Thoughts of second cup discourage me. Don't want to get hyped up on caffeine by having too much too soon. Got to get more de-caf tea for those times I'd like to drink some tea just for the flavor.

So, I have missed my favorite morning TV program, Starting Over. Oh, well, such is life. I am sure they would cure me of my sleep disorder problems!!! and I sit in front of the computer ready to begin my daily dose of the world at my fingertips.