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Revealing Genetics

Not only has 23andMe, DNA research organization, shed some light on my personal medical issues, it has provided me with fascinating ancestral heritage. At one time in my life I spent eight years doing genealogy research. That was before the internet made it so easy.

I thought I had a very thorough understanding of my background. I had researched and diligently proven all I thought I needed to know all the way back to my ancestor, Charlemagne. 

True, my genetic makeup is mostly northern European as 23andMe revealed. But, Oh! What a surprise it was to learn that I do have that smidgen of Native American that everyone thinks they have but don't. 

And oddly enough, I found out I've got an Ashkenazi ancestor or two. 

I'm going to have to expand my genealogical research. 

I doubt, however, that I will ever find my Neanderthal ancestors, though. Seriously, I've got Neanderthal! 

 I love this stuff. Who am I? Who are you? Are we kin? You betcha!

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