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Descendants of Levi Hardy and Sally Borden

This picture was originally a daguerreotype
of which a photo was taken.

Levi Hardy (June 25, 1787 in MA - September 18, 1859 in PA)

Sally Borden  (September 9, 1791 in NH - February 27, 1860 in PA)

Levi B Hardy and Sally Borden were parents of:

Anna Borden Butler Hardy who married (her first cousin once removed), Ansil Borden
They had:
Alvin Samuel Borden who married Emma Callender Pratt

They had:
Anna Elizabeth "Betty"  
Julian G.
Richard "Riche" C.
Myron Rockwell
Walter F.

Then, Myron Rockwell Borden married Orilla Davis
and they had: Genevieve Evelyn