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Dish Drainer Dreams

My metal.. plastic coated dish drainer has gotten so rusty through the cracked plastic that I've been looking for another at the Goodwill. People just don't seem to donate good dish drainers these days!

Finally! I saw the perfect replacement, just like the dish drainer I have, only not cracked and rusty. Looked like it had never seen a dish and was longing to caress one, or many... whatever it's dreams.

It was sitting in a shopping cart in the corner with other stuff where the workers often leave things they are supposed to be putting on shelves, but walked off and left to take a break... or whatever their dreams may be. Ecstatic, I helped myself to the long sought after treasure!

I happily shopped some more, finding a needed few dishes I'd been wanting, in fact. They bonded with the dish rack right away. Perfect synchronicity!

Imagine my horror (and theirs) when a woman, another thrift shopper, walked up to me and informed me that was her dish drainer!!! Oh... I was tempted to tell her it was too late to separate such a well matched kitchen family. But, no... I had to be Ms. Nice Guy and let her have it.

Now another year or two will go by before I ever see the likes of that one again.

Sigh... such is life!


Just a Bit of Diary Note

I had a back procedure (spinal epidural) last Monday which I thought I could recover from by Tuesday, but it went a little bit more challenging than I expected.

This Tuesday, I have no choice but to go to Stanford to see my shrink, who is helping with new medication issues. But, at least I'm not so depressed as I was in December. Hopefully, I wont have to return to the shrink next month.

I hate missing the one thing that brings me pleasure and makes me feel like a human being and that's my writing group/class.

Well, there is another thing that brings me pleasure and that is my cats. Posting here a picture of my calico cat, Buffy, and me. I fell asleep with my glasses on!