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Letter to the Google Powers That Be

I received a notice from My Health Online. It was to inform me of a message regarding a recent blood test result. I take a medication called Lamotrogine. The result of the test revealed that I had low levels of the drug in my body. This means, though I am taking my medicine, it is not being absorbed properly. This is no surprise to me. I have Leukemia and I am taking a chemo drug which causes me to have a constant upset stomach. This is not well controlled because the usual nausea meds conflict with the absorption of the chemo drug.

It is necessary that I take the Lamotrogine because I have a seizure disorder, plus it works well for another medical problem I have. In fact it works better than any other medication I have ever taken for that condition. Therefore, when I learned I was not absorbing it properly, I did a Google search to learn more about it. As usual when I do a search like this, I am so fascinated with the facts that one search leads to another and another and another. I just enjoy learning so much that I'm like a bee gathering pollen.

I soon became frustrated because I felt things were not moving fast enough. Like a little kid, I just want to ask, "What does that mean?" and be instantly satisfied by having the answer. So, I wrote a letter to Google. I didn't send it. I'm sure the answer will come to me.... But, I'm posting it here, just in case someone has an thought on the question.

(Though, now... as I am finishing up this post, I realize I could easily use my Droid to speak the new search term and get the answers I am looking for faster than using the computer!)

This is the message to Google:

Dear Google,

When I am reading something in my Kindle and come across a word I am unfamiliar with, I can select it, click on it, and get a description of what the word means.

I would like to be able to do that with Google, too. If I'm reading a website, for example, come across a subject I would like to know more about, I would like to be able to automatically Google that word (or phrase) and have Google search results pop up.

I know I can copy and paste the word or phrase I'm looking for into another browser page, but that takes extra steps. Is there some way, I can just click and have an instant Google search response?

Elizabeth Munroz


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