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Today would have been her 21st Birthday

Keli Clementine

Beloved Friend

August 27 1989 to March 18 2009


  1. Pretty kitty. I've always liked calico cats. The coloring is always so pretty.

  2. She was my first calico and born in my hand. Wait... that sounds weird! I don't mean I birthed her out of my hand. I mean I was present for the birth of the dead kitten so mother wouldn't eat it, so as soon as it came out I picked her up. Vet was wrong. Very much alive.

  3. I love this pic of Keli. I'm sorry I didn't notice this post straight away ~ I click on the RSS feed so it only shows me the latest post at the time ~ and I don't always think to check for older posts.

    Keli was very special and I know you will have been feeling grief even more than usual, since it is the anniversary of her death. ((((((hugs)))))

    It's interesting that you put the age she would have been ~ I used to do that on the anniversaries of Henry's death. Then once he had exceeded the cat years of life expectation, I stopped. He was born in 1985 and died in 2004 (age nearly 20).

    I still work out the age of friends and family members who have died though ~ I like to try and imagine what they would be like. Not my beloved Grandad though ~ because he was 100 years and 4 months when he died ~ and he was ready and willing to move to the next layer.

    Life is a lot to do with loss as we get older. It is painful and sad ~ as well as celebratory. We don't imagine it will be like this, when we are young, do we?

    Blessings dear friend. I know you miss Keli more that words can say.

    Jan x


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