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Photo Friday

I live in Watsonville California. Though there may be others, it is called the strawberry capitol of the world. I can understand why. Even though it is a city, it is surrounded by strawberry fields right up to the city limits, and in some cases right into the city. The population is about 50,000.

Because Watsonville was basically agrarian, the town grew up inside the fields. In order to get into or out of town, one must drive past the fields. There's no getting around it. Well, unless you want to go through the forested areas.

As you exit beautiful Highway 1 to come into town, the first view you see is the fields on the right (and left). In the picture, the field is fallow. If you look in the background you can see how the fields abut to the homes and apartments.

Strawberries are planted nearly year round, so you are likely to see one field ripe with fruit and the one next to it just begining to grow. The picture below is a fully planted Strawberry field waiting to fruit. This little dirt road will take you somewhere into the middle of the strawberry fields (on the left). That is the Mount Diablo range in the background, but known to locals as Mount Madonna.

There are two other exits from Highway 1, but the rest of the roads that leave town are more pleasant to ride along, and I often take a detour on one of those old roads. This road will take you up into the mountains and forest.

Since Watsonville is a city in the midst of rurality, some other surrounding areas include forested lands. Every year the dangers of forest fires often threaten our existence. The picture below is of Casserly Road. The trees are no longer there, as they burned a year ago in a fire that went right up to the edge of town, next to the hospital.

This lovely Monterey tree lined road takes you out to the beach.

I had to show the railroad tracks because all those strawberries have to get out of town on their own special transportation. Watsonville strawberries are shipped all over the world. That's the overpass of Highway 1 in the central background.


  1. Hello Elizabeth,
    My name is Melanie, I participate in the Photo Friday with Jan. I am so happy that we have a new Photo Friday friend.
    Your pictures are beautiful.
    I look forward to more pictures.



  2. Thank you Melanie. I can hardly wait to see everyone's photos.

  3. Thanks for changing the comments method Elizabeth ~ so my comment better late than never:

    That is a fabulous collection of photos and they give me a real feel for your town. I adore strawberries ~ they are my all time favourite fruit! Do you get to eat many grown locally?

    In answer to your question, Photo Friday isn’t any kind of competition ~ I started it just as an excuse to put photos on my blog every Friday ~ then a couple of other bloggers asked if they could join in … then I designed the logo and P made it for me … and the rest is history!

    We used to have a lot more people take take part … but participants wax and wane … I get lots of interest … then no interest … but I don’t mind because I would post my pics anyway!

    Welcome to Photo Friday!



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