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Sorry, I can't resist.

Just one more Jump Jump Choo Choo Soul Video kid

Japanese days of the week

Sunday - Nichi-youbi (Sun Day)
Monday - Getsu-youbi (Moon Day)

Tuesday - Ka-youbi (Fire Day)
Wednesday - Sui-youbi (Water Day)

Thursday: Moku-youbi (Wood Day)
Friday - Kin-youbi (Golden Day)

Saturday - Dou-youbi (Earth Day)

How to say it:

nee-chee yoh-oo-bee
get-soo yoh-oo-bee
kah yoh-oo-bee
su-ee yoh-oo-bee
moh-koo yoh-oo-bee
keeng yoh-oo-bee
doh-oo yoh-oo-bee