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Happy Birthday Fire

Had a shut-in birthday. The nearby fire this week has been serious, houses burned. Some animals, have not escaped. Though now, at least it is contained. It saddens me to think of so much devastation for those who are facing the losses. Some stay to the last minute hosing down their roofs! They think it was started by a motorist, perhaps the muffler scraping on the road too close to the shoulder.

Trabing Fire as seen from the other side of the county 25 miles away.
We had a thunderstorm with lightening Friday (no rain) so many strikes that started numerous fires throughout the state. We seldom have thunder storms and lightening. It's been so dry this year. So dangerous.

I couldn't believe my ears tonight when they said on the news that Governor Swartzenegger announced there are presently 520 wildfires in CA.

My asthma has been well controlled this last year but not now. There's no place I can go to get away from the smoke. The usual ways out are blocked from day to day.

Truly, I am NOT in danger personally. I live close to the edge of the city. But farmland filled with fresh growing vegetables and berries of all types separate me from the wild lands and forests. Though they are close.

The one near me, the"Trabing" Fire was so close that leaves were lifted off the eucalyptus trees and flung all around town, and of course it snowed ash. My car was covered with it. I bet it's good for the garden though.

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