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California Cyclone Weather

January 4, 2008

We are being inundated. According to the weather channel, we are having hurricane force winds they are saying though I don't think that 75 mph counts, really. Trees are down everywhere. Half of Santa Cruz county is without power. (the trees fall on the power lines, especially up in the mountains). Two main highways are closed due to trees and lines down. The electric company has drawn their employees off the job as it is too dangerous to do repairs right now.

My neighborhood (and others nearby) are under flood warning. I live a few blocks from the Pajaro River. Even though there is a levee, it has been crossed over and flooded before. I was living here in early 80's when Watsonville was flooded.

So, I sit here. No car, sick, senile cat, and waiting for evacuation order. I hope not. Damn, I hope not. What a pain in the ass. Right now, lots of water in the yard as it can't soak in fast enough. That I can live with. Water seeping into the garage? Can't do anything about that right now, In two hours my housekeeper will be here and maybe we can get some stuff out of the way and block the garage front door where it is seeping through.

The most annoying thing is fever and not feeling well enough to handle this if I have to go somewhere. Kats is up in the bay area where they have closed one of the major bridges into SF. So, it is unlikely he can get here to be with me. Even the side roads are not passable.

North American Superstorm Complex

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