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A Day in the Life of Stomach Pain

9:30 am wake with pain beneath ribcage extending from RUQ to central (below the sternum)

Absolutely no appetite. Feeling almost nauseous.

11:30 Pain has resolved enough to attempt eating. Still no real appetite

Noon ate one bowl of oatmeal, with raisins, cranberries and soymilk,

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12:15 intense pain central, beneath sternum, between breasts. So intense I feel weak, while attempting to move my purse and notebook from one room to another. I sit down to wait for pain to go away.

12:40 I am on the phone, lying down on bed. Chest pain continues. Suddenly heart pounds real fast and hard. I finish phone call. After I get up I feel light headed and dizzy. I decided to take one puff of nitrospray.

1:00 pm Pain continues and now has moved into my back, deep beneath the scapula. I am now taking two Tylenol plus one Famotadine.

2:15 pain is somewhat relieved but still remains. I have some burping.
Called Doctor's office. Asked for Donnatal in pill form. She is ordering.

2:45 Feel slightly hungry, ate some fresh pineapple

3:00 pm pain has moved into back, like bra line pain (not wearing one)

3:50 pain is finally resolved. Feel normal hunger. Eat a couple of crackers with tea. Take one Donnatal.

The rest of the evening have no pain or nausea. Eat normal meal of beef stew with noodles and asparagus.

Later have peanut butter and jelly on oat toast with cup of tea.

At bedtime, I take Famotadine, Atavan, 2 Tylenol, 1 Melatonin

Wednesday, ‎May ‎15, ‎2002, ‏‎11:43:04 AM

Awaken without nausea or pain. Have no appetite and slight headache.